After numbers 44 and 46, I felt I lacked the energy or the resilience to cope with either my heart or my basic humanity being trampled on, and it being the middle of winter, I logged out of any social interaction and went underground to focus on my art work.

But I think I was bored one night and logged back in….

John 33, visiting business man from interstate, we texted a lot, took it to the phone and chatted, clearly intelligent, gentle, funny, interesting, Canadian. I told him about my work and he shared  his many injuries, I directed him to our website, (I’m always marketing ! ) he seemed genuinely interested in coming and taking a look, I told him I would be in the clinic till about 7pm.

It was nearly the end of the work day, light was dimming and the rain had started to really set it, he unexpectedly walked in the front door looking like a wet rat, in very expensive Canadian hiking gear. The guy had walked all the way from the city in the rain. So I trained him, while we chatted, he was a broken ex hockey player, oil magnet, desk jockey sporting the thick mid section from lack of exercise and too many rich dinners and booze. Sadly this is the norm these days. The 9 hour day sitting to computer screens.

He stunk of money, like big money, old money, it has a certain odour, from the simple but classic and very expensive clothing he was wearing and how he was wearing it down to the way he carried himself. It didn’t help that he looked very much like the last rich Canadian oil magnet I knew. I got a brief taste of the lifestyle such people lead while befriending the family of the Canadian ‘politically and environmentally incorrect raping and pillaging of the planet with fracking’, they would try their best to live consciously off the money that brought. Conflicted much I wandered?  When money is no object – life is whole is a whole different ball-game, a world very different from mine.

He was very likeable and gentlemanly, he paid me cash, and I dropped him off in town to have dinner with some big-wig colleagues he was in town to meet. He kissed me on the cheek and that was it.

I went home, cracked a bottle of red and started doing admin.
Then the texts started coming in, thick and fast.
Dontcha just love the catalytic effect of alcohol?

I bounced between, completely sick of having empty sex and one night stands, to telling myself to live in the moment, alcohol really speeds this process up !!
I mean we have one life, who knows I could get hit by a 2B bus tomorrow, just live i told myself…..
and by 11pm he was walking in the front door, as I was strolling out of the shower.

What a pleasant surprise, overweight Canadian desk jock gives great head, and fills me to the brim, ended up having some of the best sex ever, who would have known, never would have suspected it. The oxytocin hit smacked me right across the side of the head like sucker punch.

He returned to the state from whence he came, there were some texts but he made himself really clear that I wasn’t in his ‘mating circle’, he was looking for young breeding loins to settle down with.

I think children are walking advertisements for contraceptive personally.


We still swap texts now and then. I will look him up when I visit his state very soon. 🙂


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