( if you have not read #21 – go read it and come back !)

So if I actually think about it, I had been seeing JT for nearly 3 years, my how time flies !!

And of course the more you know someone the better the sex gets, since I moved to my new lil house walking distance from the city centre we fell into seeing each other quite regularly. Instead of ignoring his texts, I’d respond. The sex was really good, and easy, and it really flowed. The conversation before hand was painstaking.

He had even got off his lazy Y gen ass and got himself a job, – not just a job, but a job in MY industry and 5 minutes from my home. He had called to tell me that it would be much more convenient for us now, did he plan this or am I being a tad arrogant…….No its in his best interest.

Now, I would NEVER take this person to a work gathering, and I would never be seen in public with him. The fact he ate shit food knowingly which gave him horrible skin conditions, irritated the shit out of me, the continual scratching, the dry skin, it was a turn off, especially as he knew what was causing it. The whining about trying to decide what he feels like doing in life while he lives rent free and bill free in his mothers mansion irritated the shit out of me, he sounds like my kid, I want to smack up side of his head.

He would always organise a couple of days before hand when we were going to see each other, he would be coming from his new job, I had cooked food and was looking forward to seeing him. And as he’d done a few times before, cancelled 5 minutes before he was due to arrive. This irritated the shit out of me as well, and few acerbic texts were sent from me after the whining phone call about how his work day was SO long and tiring (hand action of rubbing thumb and first finger together to imply the worlds smallest violin) He got narky and ungrateful with me, like waving a red flag at a bull. He started barking at me “WE are not having a relationship”

to which I responded.

“its been some time that I have been tired of listening to your whining and scratching, all so I can have sex with a dick that is essentially attached to a 12 year girls body”

I haven’t heard from him since. Sometimes I regret the mean text I sent, I do miss that kind of sex.

It got close with 44 – ‘cept he has a mind that I could talk too forever and ever, which made letting go of this so much easier…………I don’t miss listening to him whine and scratch though that’s fo sho….


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