Bio: I am female, 50, I have a high libido, probably because I exercise a lot, I don't think I look my age, I have a huge sense of humour....... I have recently ended a rather long relationship, that spans across much water and different countries, and after a long 20+ years of parenting my son, I now finally live alone. I am single and I would like to find 'my-person'. But how? Dating has changed since I was 'out-there'. Its all cyber-anonymous now. I guess its one way of sorting the sheep from the goats. I think its a numbers game, just like back in the 80's, pre-AIDS, we worked on the theory of the more people you sleep with the higher the chance of finding love...... So for those of you IN relationships, this may make you stay there, for those of you looking to meet someone, this may give you some skills upon which to navigate the rocky terrain of internet dating and for those of you who might like to ride life from the privacy of your own home on the imaginings my tragic carpet, please kick back and read and hopefully laugh..... I am totally open to comments, grizzles, grumps, questions and gripes. ( oh and dates too !!! )

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