100 Wi-Fi Dates

My bff Amanda told me about a friend of hers that had 100 Internet Dates and decided to write a blog about her experiences doing it. Apparently she found ‘the one’ at date number 78, but soldiered on and completed her goal.

Do I really have to do this 78 times to find my ‘mate’??

I don’t go out much, I study full time, my work is inconsistent, so there is no such thing as spare money to go out and eat and drink these days.
I work, I do what I love and hope I cross paths with someone ‘special’, but the odds are low in my experience or more likely my location.
The internet simply increases the odds with dating websites, social media and various phone applications.
You remember Pre-You Tube?
Well soon you’ll remember Pre-free-phone-application-hook-ups. Its changing things people !!!!
Everyone knows what Tinder is right?
I should be calling this 100 Phone Dates, but it’s all out there in the ether !
I’ve been at this charade now for a couple of months, keeping only my closest girlfriends in stitches of laughter hearing about the ridiculous things and people I seem to repeatedly encounter…..uncanny, yet insane.
What is the technical definition of a date?
What if your in different countries or states and you have Skype sex – is that a date?
If you text each other for months and develop a friendship – and talk often – is that a date?
What about actually meeting someone in person first, then using text and internet to organise the date?
Or is a date ONLY when you meet in person?
I mean technically wifi is used at some point along all of the proceedings……

Let me make it clear, I haven’t actually been on 38 dates, it feels like a lot but I just picked a number and I’m working my way either side, in fact I had an internet date 20 years ago that turned into a 17 year relationship, maybe I’m being greedy looking for a second one.
The date count wont be coming in chronological order, because many I have consciously forgotten, but as time goes random memories pop up or I am kindly reminded, another blog will appear, it may be inconsistent, but slowly or quickly they will appear.

For those IN a relationship, this may make you want to stay there, for those ‘out there’ trying to meet someone, this may help your navigation process, and for those people who simply want to ride my carpet from the privacy of your computer…….

All names are changed to respect the privacy of others – of course, everything is the absolute truth and nothing is embellished, I promise.
Just don’t judge me, instead laugh with me.
Remember its just merry go-rounds and roller coasters, and if we are really lucky we might even make a new friend.